2020 Year in Review

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2020 started off with big plans, new cars, new classes, and we added a Legend car. Then Covid hit and everything changed. Racing was shut down, region series was cancelled and the legend car was shelved for the year. By June we were finally allowed to start racing again at our home track WQMA. Not knowing how long it would last, a quick schedule was created with multiple double headers. We got one race in and 2020 struck again with Kyle breaking a finger requiring a cast up to his elbow. Doctor told us 4-6 weeks for the cast, but at his 3 week checkup the Doctor gave the ok to remove the cast. Two hours later, Kyle was in his racecar testing out his hand. All was good and we raced the next day, setting two track records and taking home a win and a second in his feature events. With two races missed and only one throw out, Kyle had to battle back pretty hard for the remainder of the season, and went into the final race in Hvy World Formula just 2 points out of first. Unfortunately 2020 wasnt done with us yet, and after qualifying 1st the rain set in and we were not able to run the final race. Still we were pretty happy being able to claim 2nd in both the Hvy 160 and Hvy World Formula championship points for 2020.
And we are happy to put 2020 behind us! Looking forward to 2021!

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